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Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Commission


General Information

The Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Commission consists of ten citizen members.

The City Council.

The members of the Commission initially serve one, two and three-year terms and may be reappointed for three-year terms, thereafter.

The Commission holds regular meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m., and may hold special meetings at the call of the chair or at the request of the City Council.


The Commission shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

A. Provide advice in the development of a bicycling master plan;
B. Provide advice in the development of a pedestrian/sidewalk master plan;
C. Provide guidance in the establishment of a list and prioritization of recommended bicycle and pedestrian facility improvements;
D. Make recommendations on bicycle/pedestrian matters with an emphasis on policy and planning issues;
E. Periodically review the results of policy implementation to ensure that the bicycle and pedestrian related goals of the Comprehensive Plan are being met;
F. Advise the City Council about citizen concerns regarding bicycle and pedestrian transportation matters;
G. Make recommendations on how to improve institutional and professional responsiveness to promote non-motorized transportation;
H. Educate and inform the public and local officials on bicycle, pedestrian, and multi-modal transportation issues;
I. Facilitate citizen participation in local government considerations and decisions involving bicycle, pedestrian, and multi-modal transportation matters;
J. Promote bicycle, school, and pedestrian safety program;
K. Advise the City Council on ways to promote accessibility of bicycle and pedestrian pathways to persons with disabilities using motorized or non-motorized transportation; and
L. Advise the City Council on other non-motorized transportation, such as, but not limited to, inline skates and skateboards.

For further information, please contact the Public Works Department at (715) 839-4934.


Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Commission
Daniels, Keith 1/17 - 1/19
Jansen, Kirk  1/16 - 12/18 
Johnston, Richard 1/14 - 12/19
Kmetz, Scott  12/15 - 12/18
Lee, Catherine  11/13 - 12/17 
Ritland, Marian  6/10 - 12/17 
Ruland, Nathan  1/16 - 12/18 
Salmon, Aaron 1/15 - 12/19

Agendas and Minutes • Citizen Resource Bank Form