Administrative Review Board

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Contact Information: For more information about the Administrative Review Board that is not addressed on the City's Website, please contact the City Attorney's Office at (715) 839-6006.


General Information


The Administrative Review Board shall consist of seven members appointed and approved by the City Council. All members shall be residents of the City, each having a 2-year term. The board shall elect a president and secretary annually.

City Council.


The board shall meet as needed to hold hearings within 30 days of the date of filing an appeal, or at such time as agreed upon.

Review administrative determinations, i.e., decisions made by an agency, board, or department of the City that adversely affect a person’s rights, duties, or privileges. An opportunity for a hearing would be provided to persons contesting a decision.

The Board is quasi-judicial in nature, meaning that the Board members sit as a panel of judges. The Board members are not legislators. The importance of that distinction is that they must decide cases fairly on the facts and determine whether the party requesting the variance has met his or her burden of proof. They should not entertain or be influenced by personal or political considerations. For this reason, it is inadvisable for members to serve on other City boards and commissions.

The Board shall have the power to affirm or reverse the administrative decision. Four affirmative votes are required to reverse an administrative determination.



Administrative Review Board
Austad, Donna 7/18 - 6/20
Brewster, Aaron 7/17 - 6/21 
Fischer, Wilhelmina 7/18 - 6/20
Heuer, Sara   7/18 - 6/20
Olson, David 7/18 - 6/20
Weber, Jessie  7/18 - 6/20




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