Neighborhood Safety and Relations Task Force

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Neighborhood Safety and Relations Task Force

Background: The City Council, on March 13th, 2018, passed Resolution 2018-104 approving the formation of an Ad Hoc Neighborhood Safety and Relations Task Force in response to discussions about the proposed changes to the existing Public Good Order ordinance.   The Public Good Order ordinance was proposed as one strategy for the City of Eau Claire to consider related to the consequences seen with alcohol and substance misuse.  The charge of the group was to: Review problem of alcohol/substance misuse and potential solutions through “cooperative dialogue, research, and development of recommendations that promote ownership of the changes to improve the public good.”  The Taskforce met 6 times and had broad representation from a cross-section of community stakeholders.  Stakeholders developed a shared understanding of the problem, brainstormed a wide range of solutions, and worked to provide input on the existing changes that were being proposed to the Ordinance in front of City Council.  Information about the work of the Taskforce is included in the documents outlined below:


  • Task Force Summary Page:  This document summarizes the Taskforce and its participants.
  • Taskforce Update – August 2018:  This document summarizes the work done and the changes identified by the Taskforce to the originally proposed Ordinance over the course of the meetings that were held. 
  • Taskforce Reviewed Ordinance:  This is the revised ordinance that the Taskforce worked on with the final changes that were proposed at meeting #6. 
  • August Taskforce Summary Table of Updates:  This is table that shows substantive changes to the original ordinance starting with the original documents, then the March proposed changes, then the Taskforce substantive changes and then a recommendation from the City now they have received this feedback and gotten additional feedback from UWEC.
  • Staff Recommendation:  This is the newly proposed ordinance changes that the City  is proposing based on all feedback received to date.  This changes where some of the language that would “sit” in City code but substantively retains the public intoxication and definition language that was worked on by the Taskforce. 
  • Solutions by Category:  These are the brainstormed strategies that the Taskforce talked through that might be priorities for the community to consider as we look at ways to address the identified problem of alcohol and substance misuse.
  • Resolution No 2014-104:  Resolution creating the Taskforce (background information)



For questions, please contact the City:  715-839-4902