Board of Heating Examiners

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General Information
On call of the Chair.

Develop and keep examinations used in licensing heating contractors current with modern technology. Also periodically review and make recommendations for updating the city heating code. All applications for licenses shall be approved by the Board, who shall first examine the applicant as to qualifications and competency. The Board will also hear appeals of those in disagreement with a provision of the code. Final action on licenses and changes to the code is the responsibility of the City Council. For more information, please contact the Inspections Division at (715) 839-4947.
Commission Members
This Committee consists of 7 members, 5 with voting rights and 2 in an advisory capacity appointed by the City Council and will serve two years (no tenure). The 5 having voting rights are 2 licensed warm air heating contractors, 2 licensed hydraulic contractors, and the City Fire Chief. The 2 advisory members are the City Heating Inspector and a representative from a local gas utility.

Heating Examiners Board

Fire Chief  No tenure 
Davis, David 7/99 – 6/19
Fox, Steven 11/97 – 6/19
Gardner, Fred, Jr. 10/93 – 6/20
Hosch, Richard NSP Advisory Member
Larson, Daniel, Sr. 2/97 – 6/20
Schultz, Richard (Chair) Heating Inspector
Contact Information
For more information about the Board of Heating Examiners that is not addressed on the City's Website, please contact the Inspections Division at (715) 839-4947.