Building Code Committee

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General Information

All meetings shall be held at the call of the Chair and at such times as the Committee may determine. In addition to the called meetings of the Committee, the Building Code Committee shall meet annually to review code.


To hear appeals under the building code by persons aggrieved by an interpretation of the code. The Board also makes recommendations to amendments to the code. If a recommendation is made to change the code, the recommendation is sent to the City Council to amend the ordinance. The Board makes certifications of new materials or methods of construction. For more information, please contact the Inspections Division at (715) 839-4947.
Commission Members
The Building Code Committee consists of five members appointed by City Council for three year terms (no tenure). At least 1 must be a registered architect, at least 1 a registered professional engineer, and 1 shall be a member of the Eau Claire Area Home Builders Association or an individual currently active in the home building field.  No Council members serve on this Committee.
Building Code Committee
Boettcher, William 7/15 – 6/21
Fern, Michael 7/00 – 6/21
Larson, Brian 7/91 – 6/19
Pozarski, William 7/72 – 6/19
Statz, Jeff  7/18 – 6/21 

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Contact Information
For more information about the Building Code Committee that is not addressed on the City's Website, please contact the Inspections Division at (715) 839-4947.