Police and Fire Commission

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The Commission appoints the Chief of Police and the Chief of the Fire Department. The chiefs appoint subordinates subject to the approval of the Commission. The Commission shall adopt, may repeal or modify rules calculated to secure the eligibility lists for the Police and Fire Departments.

The Police and Fire Commission shall approve each firefighter and police officer selected from an eligibility list. The Commission may also review citizen complaints, hear form charges, and take disciplinary action against firefighters and police officers. A subordinate suspended by the Chief may request a hearing before the Commission.

The Commission meets the 3rd Thursday bi-monthly at 4:00 p.m.
Commission Members

The Police and Fire Commission consists of five citizens, appointed by City Council for 5 year terms. No more than three members of the Commission shall belong to the same political party. The Police and Fire Commission has determined that an attorney who practices criminal law is ineligible for appointment because of a possible conflict of interest.

PFC Current Commission Members

Barland, Jill: 5/09 - 4/19
Finn, Stephanie: 1/14 - 4/22
Kincaid, Daniel: 5/13 - 4/23
Pope, Dennis: 5/10 - 4/20
Wahlstrand, Disa: 6/16 - 4/21

Future Commission Members

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Contact Information

For more information about the Police and Fire Commission that is not addressed on the City's Website, please contact the Human Resources Department at (715) 839-4921.

PFC Agendas and Minutes