Transit Commission

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 Contact Information:

For more information about the Transit Commission that is not addressed here, please contact us at (715) 839-5111, Monday - Friday, 7:30AM - 4:00PM.



This Commission consists of nine (9) members. The membership includes six (6) citizens --including one (1) UWEC student and one (1) resident of the City of Altoona -- and one (1) Council member.


The City Council.


Citizen members are appointed for three-year terms, including the resident of Altoona. The UWEC student representative is appointed for a one-year term. The Council representative is appointed at the annual City Council Organizational Meeting.


The Transit Commission meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. Special meetings of the Commission may be called as needed.


The Transit Commission duties include:

  • Determine and adjust routes. (Major route changes with budget implications are reviewed and approved by City Council.)
  • Recommends fare changes to City Council.
  • Acts as an advocate in the community for transit services.
  • Reviews and advises City Council on transit budget recommendations.
  • Monitors ridership, surveys, services, budget, and engages in transit planning.
  • Periodically reviews list of service complaints received by the transit department.
  • Advance recommendations regarding other modes of public transportation, which include, but are not limited to, light rail, taxis, park and ride facilities and ride-sharing.
  • Review and make recommendations about parking issues that significantly impact transit services and routes.  

    For more information, please contact the Transit Department at (715) 839-5111.

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