City Council Meetings

The Eau Claire City Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 4 pm. These are legislative meetings during which the Council votes on that meetings agenda items. Public Hearings are held at 7 pm on the Monday evening before each legislative session.

City Council meetings are televised live and can be viewed via

  • Basic Cable Channels 96 and 97
  • Digital Cable Channels 993 and 994
  • Digital TV Tuner Channels 98-13 and 98-14
  • Online streamed live at Valley Media

         (click “Programming” then “on demand”)

The meetings are also simulcast on radio station WRFP 101.9 FM.

The program is re-broadcast on the Thursday and Saturday following the meetings. The re-broadcasts begin at 8 am on Thursday morning and at noon on Saturday.

Please contact Valley Media Works at 715-839-5067 with any questions you may have regarding the broadcasts of City Council meetings.

City Council Elections

There are eleven members on the Eau Claire City Council. Five of the members are elected from aldermanic districts. Five members and the Council President are elected at large.  At-Large Alderpersons were elected to three-year terms in 2016.  District Alderpersons were elected to three-year terms in 2018.  The City Council President was elected to a three-year term in April 2017.  City Council nomination papers may be obtained at, and must be filed with, the City Clerk's Office.

Public Officials Handbook:

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