City Attorney

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Hours  8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday  
Telephone (715) 839-6006
Fax (715) 839-6177

City Attorney - Stephen Nick
Deputy City Attorney - Doug Hoffer
Assistant City Attorney - Jenessa Stromberger
Paralegal - Janeen Whelihan


The office of City Attorney has the statutory responsibility for "all the legal business in which the City is interested." This includes rendering advice about City matters to the City Council and City staff; handling litigation; drafting and approving the form of ordinances, resolutions, and other documents; and handling all other legal matters affecting the City. The duties of the City Attorney's office are to:

Provide accurate and complete legal advice on matters affecting the City.
Respond to public inquiries relating to City laws and ordinances.
Provide legal defense to the City, its officers, and employees.
Diligently prosecute violations of City ordinances.
Draft or approve the form of all ordinances, resolutions, and other legal documents.
Perform all other legal services required by the City.