Legal FAQs

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What types of animals can I keep in the City?
Is it legal for a person to go through the trash receptacles of others?
Can I bow hunt in the city limits of Eau Claire?
Can I operate my ATV or electric bicycle on the sidewalk?
Can I operate a business out of my home?
Can I raise honey bees in Eau Claire?
I am having a dispute with my landlord. Can you help me?
Where can I find the Concealed Carry Ordinance and signs to post at my establishment?
Can I serve wine/beer at my business to the public for a grand opening, ladies night out, anniversary, etc?
I need some personal legal advice. Can I get it from your office?
My organization would like to sponsor a raffle. How do I go about this?
How do I file a small claims action?
Can you tell me if a certain business in the city is licensed?
I have a new business I want to promote by distributing leaflets. Can I do this?
My landlord won't return my security deposit. What should I do?
My neighbor is building a new home and the construction crew starts at 6:00 A.M. Is that okay?
My neighbor's tree hangs over my lot line and drops leaves in my yard. Can I cut the branch down?
I want to check on a court date. How do I do that?
I need to speak with the District Attorney. Is this the right office?
I have a neighbor who is regularly causing a considerable amount of noise. What can I do?
How early can refuse haulers begin collecting garbage?
Is there a diversion program I can participate in for my Underage Drinking or Public Excessive Intoxication citation?
I want to contest a citation and talk to the City Attorney's Office about it. How can I do this?