Tax Increment Financing

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TIF #2 - Riverfront Lot Development
TIF #3 - Oakwood Hills Business Center
TIF #5 - Gateway Northwest Business Park
TIF #6 - Northeast Industrial Area
TIF #7 - Soo Line Development Area
What is TIF?
How does a TIF Work?
What happens if TIF increments fall short?
My property has been identified as blighted. What is the definition of blight and will I be required to make improvements?
Will I be required to make improvemets?
My property is manufacturing and is located in a Commercial Business District. Must I request a rezoning?
What affect will a TIF District have on my property value?
Has my property been targeted for acquisition?
What procedures are used if my property is purchased?
What benefits am I entitled to if I am an occupant of acquired property?