Election Campaign Sign Regulations

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There are a few important local rules to remember when placing an election campaign sign.

  • Yard signs cannot exceed 12 sq. ft. per sign. Larger signs are only allowed if attached to a permanent structure, such as an existing fence or wall, and the sign does not extend beyond the perimeter of the structure.
  • Signs of any size are not permitted in the public rights-of-way, meaning street boulevards and sidewalks, on utility, sign, or light poles, or in any other public place. Signs must be located entirely on private property.
  • You may place your campaign signs at any time before the election, but please remove them within 10 days after the election. We appreciate the assistance of the campaign workers and property owners in removing signs for reuse or recycling and to avoid litter and visual clutter.
Questions? Call the City Attorney at 839-6006 or, to report sign code violations, call the Code Compliance Inspector at 839-4947.