Parking Rates

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How many ramps does the City have and where are they located?

The City has two fully-automated parking ramps in downtown Eau Claire. They include:

Farwell/Gibson Street Parking Ramp

Location: 202 South Farwell Street (near The Lismore Hotel Eau Claire building)

North Barstow Street Parking Ramp

Location: 303 Galloway Street (near Royal Credit Union Corporate Center & JAMF buildings)

How do they work and what is the parking fee?

Parkers take a ticket from the machine upon entering the ramp and then insert cash or a credit card upon leaving.

Hourly Parking Ramp Fee

 $0.50 per hour, effective 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
 $8.00 maximum charge for 24-hour parking


How can I get a monthly ramp pass?

Complete the Parking Ramp Direct Payment & Contract Agreement Form.pdf & return it to the Engineering Department via email, postal mail or in person. This will allow you to obtain a ramp pass and authorize monthly automatic withdrawals from a checking or savings account. Call 715-839-4934 for more information about the automatic withdrawal procedure. 

Monthly Parking Ramp Fee

Farwell/Gibson Street Ramp Monthly Fee: $40.09 ($38.00 plus 5.5% sales tax)

North Barstow Street Ramp Monthly Fee:   $46.42 ($44.00 plus 5.5% sales tax)

Summary of Parking Rates

 On-Street Meters Hourly Charge  $0.25  
 Off-Street Meters Hourly Charge  $0.20  
& $0.25  
 Municipal Ramps Hourly Charge  $0.50  
 Municipal Ramps Maximum Daily Charge  $8.00  
 Farwell/Gibson Street Ramp Monthly Charge  $38.00*
 North Barstow Street Ramp Monthly Charge  $44.00*
 Municipal Permit Quarterly Charge  $69.00*
 Riverside Deck Upper Level Permit Quarterly Charge  $108.00*
 Riverside Deck Lower Level Permit Quarterly Charge
 (assigned stalls)
Riverview Lot Permit Quarterly Charge  $84.00*
*plus 5.5% sales tax