Eau Claire's Bike Boxes

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What is a bike box?

A bike box is an intersection safety design to prevent bicycle/car collisions. It's a painted green space on the road with a white bicycle symbol(s) inside designating a space between the crosswalk and stop line for bicyclists at the signalized intersection.

The City of Eau Claire painted its first bike boxes on Keith Street at Brackett Avenue in November 2016. Both the north and south approaches to Brackett Avenue on Keith Street include a green bicycle lane approaching the box.

How to Use a Bike Box (educational video)


Motorist Information

 What should a motorist know about a bike box?

  • Watch for bicycles entering the bike lane or commanding the travel lane upon approaching the traffic signal.
  • Stop behind the white stop line when the traffic signal is yellow or red.
  • Right turns on red are not permitted at the Keith Street bike box locations.
  • Motorists and bicyclists may move through the intersection as usual when the light turns green with bicyclists going first.
  • Motorists turning right on green should signal and watch for bicyclists to the right.

Bicyclist Information

What should a bicyclist know about a bike box?

  • If turning right and the signal is green upon approach, maintain your position in the right turn lane and travel through the intersection as normal.
  • If you are going through the intersection or turning left, enter into the bike lane, signal your movement & continue on.
  • When approaching the traffic signal, watch for motorists if you enter into the bike lane.
  • When the light is red or turning red, position yourself according to the direction you are intending to go.
    • Turning Left: Move to the left of the bike box and signal that you’re turning left.
    • Going Through: Position yourself in front of the through lane.
    • Turning Right: Move close to the right edge of the roadway and signal that you’re turning right. Right turns on red are not permitted at the Keith Street bike box locations.

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