HAWK Signals

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High Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) Signals

The City has a High Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) signal  installed at the crossing of the multi-use trail on Menomonie Street to assist pedestrians crossing the roadway. While its appearance is a bit different to drivers because of its two red lenses placed above a yellow lens it works the same for pedestrians as at a signalized intersection.

Contact Leah Ness, PE, PTOE, Deputy City Engineer at 715-839-4934 or email with comments or questions regarding the HAWK signal or any traffic control device.

 How does the HAWK signal work?

  • A pedestrian activates the system by pressing a push button, which alerts motoring traffic with overhead flashing lights indicating the signal has been activated.
  • The light turns a solid yellow, which indicates the signal will be turning red and traffic must stop.
  • The signal remains solid red while the pedestrian is given the "walk" signal. All traffic must remain stopped during this time.
  • A pedestrian countdown begins, and a flashing red light appears.
    • The motorist may proceed with caution through the crossing if the intersection is clear.
    • The motorist must come to a complete stop prior to proceeding through the crossing if approaching when the lights are flashing red.
  • When the pedestrian countdown time expires the beacon will go dark and traffic will continue as usual.

    How Does a Hawk Signal Operate? (pdf)


Supporting Data & Video Example of HAWK System