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Monday - Friday

Fire Station #2
216 S. Dewey Street

(715) 839-5012


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Fire Department

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Homeowners within the city limits of Eau Claire are eligible for free smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors installed by Eau Claire firefighters.  Click here to download the request form to complete and mail or drop off at the fire department.
Request a Fire Station Tour

As part of its fire education/prevention efforts, the fire department welcomes groups or individuals to tour a fire station. The average duration of a station tour is 30 to 45 minutes. 

 Request a Tour - carefully read the listed information before completing the request form.

The application period for the 2019-20 Firefighter eligibility list has closed.  We are one of many fire departments that participate in a regional testing process designed to identify a qualified pool of entry-level candidates that is coordinated by the Chippewa Valley Technical College.  Solicitation of applications for the 2020-21 eligibility list will commence in January of 2020.  Please visit for further information on the application process.
Authorized Positions
  • 1 Chief
  • 2 Deputy Chiefs
  • 1 Division Chief
  • 1.75 Civilian Fire Inspectors
  • 3 Battalion Chiefs
  • 6 Captains
  • 12 Lieutenants
  • 18 Engineers
  • 47 Firefighters
  • 2 Civilian Administrative Support

All of the protective employees (90) are certified to provide medical care at the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) level, and approximately one-third are trained at the advanced level of Paramedic.

Mission Statement / Vision Statement


Eau Claire Fire and Rescue’s mission is to public health and safety achieved through developing, promoting, and maintaining a comprehensive network of emergency medical services, fire prevention and suppression, technical rescue, and hazard mitigation.
Through progressive education, diligent training, and integrated communication, our team will collectively provide sustainable, high quality services focused on customer satisfaction and the prudent utilization of public funds. 


Eau Claire Fire and Rescue will be a leading regional public health and safety partner by continually and actively promoting excellence in the performance of our duties.

We will support a dedicated membership of honest, accountable professionals who exemplify honor and integrity to build and retain public trust.


The traditions and pride run deep in the Eau Clare Fire Department and date back to times well before 1900.  Before Eau Claire was the city it is now, it was actually three separate cities consisting of West, East, and North Eau Claire--each with its own form of government.  

Tides of tradition were formed beginning with the first steam engine purchased in 1871, and a deep sense of pride shows through even today when a new ambulance, engine, rescue, or specialty vehicle arrives at one of the six fire stations.  Our department has grown from the date of its first full-time firefighter, W. H. Willard, joining ranks on January 30, 1871, to the current staff number of 93.75 career firefighters and staff.  Elaborate radio systems with speakers have replaced the ticker-tape telegraph alarms and the red fire alarm pull boxes, and it's a certainty the department's responses have increased every year.

Many aspects of the department have changed over the past 100+ years, but the one constant has been the need for the variety of services the fire department provides.  It is with great pride and tradition that the men and women of Eau Claire Fire and Rescue carry out their duties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.