Smoke Detection Ordinance

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Smoke AlarmOn July 9, 1991, the City of Eau Claire adopted an ordinance requiring "all new or existing apartment buildings, roominghouses, hotels, motels, dormitories, convents, monasteries, children's homes, homes for the aged and infirm, row houses, convalescent homes, jails, dwellings containing three or more rental units, and other places of abode or detention" to have electrically hardwired Smoke Detectors installed. Common or public area detectors must be interconnected, so the activation of one detector will cause activation of all detectors or other audible devices.

The compliance date was July 1, 2000. Fire department personnel monitor compliance through their semi-annual fire inspections.

Please call (715) 839-4825 with any questions concerning this ordinance. A fire department representative will help answer any concerns you may have.