Tank Inspections

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The Eau Claire Fire Prevention Division is responsible for the inspection of all Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks (UST/AST) used for petroleum storage.  The department is contracted by the State of Wisconsin to conduct such service within the city of Eau Claire.


Notification Required

As required by SPS 310, the Eau Claire Fire Department must be notified at least 5 days before an installation (including upgrades) and 15 days before a system closure. When scheduling an inspection with this office, please include the time you expect to need an inspector at the site. If the exact time is not available when calling 5 or 15 days in advance, please call at least 24 hours in advance to request an inspector at a given time. The Fire Department can provide timely service if you schedule the inspection in advance.

Form Processing

Certified installation or closure contractors are responsible for completing the required checklists and forms. CLICK HERE to download a Tank Closure Application form. The form also is available at Eau Claire Fire & Rescue. Return this form with payment to Eau Claire Fire & Rescue in person, by mail (216 S. Dewey Street, Eau Claire, WI, 54701), or by fax (715-839-1696). You can obtain all other forms through the State Department of Commerce. Plans for the installation or removal and the associated letter of conditional approval must be on-site always.


As required by the State of Wisconsin, tank system installation, removal, testing, relining, cleaning, and site assessments will be supervised by a person holding an appropriate certification. Inspection personnel will require proof of that certification.

Tank System Removal and Closure

In 1992, the Eau Claire City Council passed Ordinance No. 16.32.055. This ordinance requires approval for the closure, change-in-service or temporary closure of any tank system. "Tank system" includes above-ground and underground storage tanks more than 60 gallons and system components to include, but not limited to: tanks, piping, vents, leak detection, cathodic protection, and spill/overfill protection systems.

  1. Required Submittal
    Submit the City of Eau Claire Tank Closure Application, five copies of a site plot plan, five copies of the site assessment plan, and the required fee for approval to:  Eau Claire Fire & Rescue, 216 S. Dewey Street, Eau Claire WI 54701.
  2. Site Plot Plan Requirements
    The site plot plan must be drawn to scale and include the following:
    • Property Lines
    • All Buildings or Structures
    • All Tanks and Piping
    • Adjacent Streets
    • Overhead and Underground Utilities
    • Limits of the Excavation
    • Temporary Location of Excavated Dirt and Blackfill
  3. Fees
    You must submit all required fees with the closure application, as stated previously.  Make checks payable to the City of Eau Claire.  Install - $170; Removal - $174; Upgrading of System - $86
  4. Required Inspections 
    An Eau Claire Fire Department certified tank inspector must be on-site when the tank is being removed from the ground.  The tank cannot be removed until an inspector verifies the purging or inerting (making the atmosphere within the tank nonexplosive) of the tank.  The inspector will document the condition of the excavation after the tank has been removed.   
    Note: When scheduling inspection times, carefully estimate when the tank will be excavated and purged or inerted.  When the inspector is waiting at another job site, h/she cannot be available to inspect your job site.
  5. Monitoring Equipment 
    A calibrated combustible gas and oxygen indicator must be on-site to monitor the tank atmosphere.  An individual must be competent in the use of the equipment.
  6. Condition of Approval 
    We will grant approval to the certified individual or company submitting the application.  This person or company will be responsible for the tank removal.  All violations and/or required corrections will be addressed to the responsible party.