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The Health Department’s Environmental Health Lab samples the water at six public beaches each week throughout the summer for bacteria levels. Beaches include: Riverview Park, Big Falls, Half Moon Lake, Lake Altoona, Lake Eau Claire and Coon Fork Beach and Campground.

Beaches are closed when sampling shows that the level of harmful bacteria is excessively high. Beaches remain closed until we can recheck bacteria levels and they return to acceptable levels. Updates will be provided daily when a beach is closed. Note: If a beach is closed on a Friday, the closed status will continue throughout the weekend.

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The map below shows the current status (open, closed, advisory) of the beaches.



Other Beach Information

  • Blue-Green Algae can produce a toxic compound that can make you or your pets sick if you drink or come in contact with the water. The recommendation is that if a scum-layer or floating algae mat is present in water it should not be used for swimming or recreational activities. For more information, visit the WI DNR Web Site at 
    • To report an algae bloom at any recreational beaches in Eau Claire County, please contact the Health Department at 715-839-4718.


  • Swimmer’s Itch is a rash caused by contact with waters that are frequented by birds, snails and small mammals. For information on swimmer’s itch, visit: