Eau Claire City-County Health Department. An accredited Health Department by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) - Advancing public health performance.

Air Quality

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  1. To reduce the incidence of illness and death from diseases related to or aggravated by exposure to air contaminants and
  2. To assure air quality that is aesthetically acceptable and enjoyable in Eau Claire County

Program Description

 Investigate air pollution complaints and enforce applicable state and county air quality regulations. Conduct community air monitoring to sample and test for air contaminants as well as to assess changes in air quality. Respond to concerns that poor indoor air quality is causing health problems to the occupants. Guidance is provided on how to correct indoor air quality problems. The Department is responsible for enforcement of the County Air Pollution Ordinance, which adopts the Department of Natural Resources regulations by reference and the City of Eau Claire Smoking Prohibited ordinance.

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