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Eau Claire City Housing Inspection Program

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The purpose of the Eau Claire City Housing Inspection Program is to encourage neighborhood safety and ensure that the city’s housing supply meets minimum health and safety standards.

Complaint Investigations

The program investigates housing related complaints such as unsanitary conditions, safety concerns, and general maintenance issues (e.g. mold, plumbing and electrical issues, etc).

Eau Claire City Housing Inspection Program

The program includes inspections of residential dwellings to determine compliance with the Housing Code - Chapter 16.08. It is designed to identify dwellings that are more of a risk for health and safety. The property may meet the requirements for an interior and exterior required inspection based on:

  • the exterior survey
  • the number of complaints against the property
  • age of property
  • if the home contains any rental units
  • documented cases of retaliatory eviction

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Eau Claire County Housing Inspections

The Health Department will inspect housing in Fall Creek, Augusta, and the Townships of Union and Seymour for compliance of their adoptive code and the County Sanitary Code that address health hazards created by unsanitary or unsafe housing conditions (e.g. poor exterior maintenance, garbage, sanitation). These inspections are done on a complaint or referral basis

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  • I believe I was evicted for reporting violations regarding the conditions of my home, what should I do?
  • I have a rodent/pest problem. Is it my responsibility to fix the problem or my landlord's?
  • Should I attempt to speak with my landlord first, or just call in my complaint?
  • What do I do if I do not agree with a violation stated in the inspection report or the time frame given to repair/fix the issue?
  • What enforcement may be taken if violations are not corrected by the agreed upon time?
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