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Rental Registration

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Do I have to register my property?
How do I register my property?
How do I make my payment?
How do I get a password for my online rental registration account?
How often do I have to pay the registration fee?
I forgot my password, what do I do?
I have a property with "1/2" in the address. Do I include that unit on the registration?
I have rental properties that are in the City of Eau Claire but in Chippewa County, do I still have to register?
Is my personal information distributed to the public? How is the information from rental registrations used?
What are the requirements of having to register my rental unit?
What does "per property" mean?
What if I do not receive my password?
What if I do not want to provide an email address to register my rental property(ies) online?
What if I have multiple properties to register?
What if I sell a property(ies)?
What is the penalty for not registering my property(ies)?
Why do I have to register?