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Contract Cooks/Personal Chefs

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Contract Cook/Personal Chef: is a person who specializes in a home food service and prepares food in the home of an individual for only members of that household and/or houseguests for private parties.
  • The person is paid for their service, culinary skills, technique, or expertise.
  • The private party, typically, provides food, but this does not prohibit the contract cook/personal chef from shopping for food from a list provided by the private party, for that function only.
  • The contract cook/personal chef uses only the home kitchen of the party requesting the food service to prepare the food.
  • Bulk preparation and/or bulk storage of food to be used at multiple sites or meals served to the general public would require this person to be licensed.
  • The transportation from one location to another location and portion of the meal prepared by the contracted cook would require licensure of the contract cook/personal chef.
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