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All these establishments are licensed as retail food establishments
  • Environmental Health Specialists inspect restaurants, public and private schools, taverns, bakeries, grocery stores, vending machines, and temporary food stands.
  • Staff also perform food-borne illness investigations.
  • All restaurants and nearly all retail food establishments must obtain a license before opening for business in the City and County of Eau Claire.
    • Contact an Environmental Health Specialist at 715-839-4718 for information about plan review requirements and to obtain a license application form.
    • More Licensing Information – link to licensing and permits page 
  • Temporary Foodservice Licenses – link to temporary foodservice page are required when food is served to the public at special events and occasional sales promotions. The cost of this license may vary according to the type of food service, duration or location of the event, and type of organization holding the event.
    • An application for this license is required.
    • The application can be brought to the Health Department. Please call 839-4718 for an appointment before coming in.
Licensing Information
  • Health Dept. – link to licensing and permits page
Additional Information
  • New Establishment Design Document - Click Here - link to plan review document
  • No Smoking Ordinance