Septic Systems

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Septic Systems - Private On-Site Wastewater Treatment System (POWTS) 
  • Properly treat or contain human waste to avoid becoming hazardous to human health or pollute the environment.
  • EC Health Department administers the Eau Claire County Sanitary Code.
    • Includes all Cities, villages and townships within EC County.
  • All structures where people live or work must be served by either public sewer or some type of approved POWTS.

Sanitary Permits

  • Required BEFORE any POWTS can be installed, repaired, modified or reconnected.
  • Required BEFORE a building or land use permit can be issued in most townships.

POWTS Maintenance Program

  • POWTS in Wisconsin must have routine maintenance and inspection.
  • EC Health Department is in charge of sending reminders to homeowners and following up on systems that have overdue maintenance requirements.

Plumbers and Soil Testers

POWTS Conventional
 Septic Tank