Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention
Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention
Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention
Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention

Alcohol & Tobacco Compliance Checks

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Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention


Our next FREE Tobacco and Alcohol Seller Training is scheduled for July 10, 2019! Be Prepared to Refuse

Register online at: or call Lil Piñero at 715-839-5091.

Please call Lil Piñero if you need to schedule an interpreter!

Topics Covered

  • Increasing awareness of the importance of responsible sales of alcohol and tobacco products
  • The dangers of underage use of tobacco and alcohol
  • The effect of underage use on our community
  • Reading identification cards correctly
  • How to spot a false identification card
  • Tips on how to refuse an illegal sale

Training information and Resources

  • Sign up for Email notifications when future classes are scheduled. Trainings usually take place in June and November of each year.
  • Download and print the 3-page handout for avoiding illegal sales. English | Spanish
    Handouts include photos and explanations of WI ID's currently in circulation, the 6-step ID Check, and tips for Refusing an Illegal Sale. Print and post these on sales counters and in break rooms!

By not selling to an underage person, establishments avoid a costly citation and also help to prevent the problems that come with underage drinking and tobacco use. We encourage businesses that are licensed to sell tobacco and alcohol to adopt various options to increase employee skills and compliance, such as:

  • Obtain state required training for employees
    • meets the state requirement for employee training regarding Wisconsin's tobacco sales laws. Every business that has a tobacco license is required to provide this training to EVERY employee who sells tobacco products. Employers must keep the certificate on premise for each employee.
    • Alcohol server/seller training providers certified by the state of Wisconsin. While only one licensed person must be on premise when alcohol is being sold, we encourage businesses to require this training for every employee who sells alcohol.
  • Require employees to ask everyone under 40 years old for an ID
  • Install registers that scan IDs or require date-of-birth for tobacco/alcohol sales
  • Offer an incentive to employees who pass compliance checks
  • Conduct internal checks  


How compliance checks work...

Reality Check 21 Partnership logoIn partnership with the six law enforcement agencies in Eau Claire County, the Eau Claire City-County Health Department and (for tobacco checks) Wisconsin Wins, compliance checks are collaboratively conducted countywide on an ongoing basis. A letter from the Health Department is sent annually to all license holders to remind them of these ongoing investigations.

Compliance checks are conducted by a trained team of four individuals. Two adults (staff supervisor and an observer) and two underage volunteers (buyer and observer) ages 18-20 for alcohol checks or ages 15-17 for tobacco checks.

Within 24-72 hours of a check, a letter is sent by the Health Wisconsin Wins logoDepartment to the establishment informing them of the investigation and result. If a sale is made, law enforcement follows up with training requirements and/or a citation. If a sale is not made, a Thank You certificate is sent along with the letter.


About Wisconsin Wins

The Eau Claire City-County Health Department contracts with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to conduct investigations through the Wisconsin Wins Program.  The Wisconsin Wins (WI Wins) campaign is a science-based, state-level initiative designed to decrease youth access to tobacco products. Learn more about WI Wins!


If you have any questions, please email
Lil Piñero, CPS (
Denise Wirth, BSN, RN (
OR call 715-839-4718 and ask for either Lil or Denise