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Joe - Healty Kids, Healthy Community

Preventing kids from using alcohol and other drugs is what the Alliance work is all about - all of our programs aim to see even #MoreKidsDrugsFree! Why? Most drug problems and addictions start at an early age. By increasing the number of drug free kids, we'll have fewer drug problems in years to come. We'll see less OWIs and fewer alcohol & other drug related crimes, injuries, deaths and addictions.

Healthy Kids = Healthy Communities

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 As a family doctor, I want to keep kids' brains & bodies healthy. There is no safe level of alcohol use for teens  So kids can follow their dreams!
 67% of kids who drink alcohol before age 15 eventually do other drugs  We are brothers and help each other to make good choices
 We've been at the scene of too many crashes involving drugs, alcohol and young people  DrKevinDrechel
SADD Group
 Captain Dan Bresina  I've lost friends and classmates due to alcohol