Eau Claire County Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

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Volunteer with Eau Claire County MRC

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) allows local medical, health, and non-medical volunteers to contribute their skills and expertise to assist our community during emergencies and non-emergency events.

Community emergencies might include

  • Major weather events
  • mass casualties
  • Man-made events
  • Technology related events
  • influenza pandemics

Non-emergency events might include

  • Training exercises and drills that will help when an emergency does occur
  • Public health clinics
  • Health care system and provider related events
  • Other events that contribute to the health of the community
Get started TODAY as an MRC Volunteer!


  • Print and complete our Application Form and send it to the MRC Volunteer Coordinator by mail:
    Eau Claire City-County Health Dept
    ATTN: Paulette Magur

    720 Second Ave
    Eau Claire, WI  54703

  • Once your application is received, you will receive a phone call within 3-6 weeks.
Where We Help

During emergencies, unit volunteers will provide assistance including but not limited to:

  • Assisting with medical and non-medical functions as mass prophylaxis/vaccination clinics
  • Manning phone banks
  • Making post-event follow-up calls after an incident
  • Supporting hospitals and clinics during a pandemic
  • Helping at alternative care centers
  • Assisting community long-term recovery efforts through outreach and application assistance for benefits
  • Data collection and entry
  • General and post crisis education
  • Foreign language services (Hmong, Spanish, Amish)
  • Information technology support

During non-emergencies:

  • Exercise/drill participation
  • School vision and hearing screening
  • Eau Claire Health Department community immunization clinics
  • Outreach events
  • Other areas as opportunities arise
Mission & Purpose


Deicated to providing all-hazards support to emergency responders and public health system by identifying, organizing, and training medical and non-medical volunteers to assist during emergency and non-emergency events.


The purpose of the Eau Claire County MRC is to assist the local community during emergencies which affect the public's health by providing a rapid, coordinated and specific response using locally recruited medical, mental health, public health and non-medical support volunteers.

Since emergencies do not happen every day, volunteers are provided with non-emergency opportunities throughout the year to stay involved and help within their community.

History of the Eau Claire County MRC

The Eau Claire County MRC is a coordinated and collaborative effort by volunteers, government agencies, non-profit orgnizations, social service agencies, health care providers, government leadership, and most importantly, the citizens of Eau Claire County.

The effort to create the unit began in early 2009 as part of the Health Department's public health emergency preparedness and response program. The Health Department volunteered to serve as the organizing partner for the Eau Claire County MRC unit. The department has committed staff and funding through grants to ensure the development of the MRC.

In March 2009, the Health Department invited community partners and members of the Eau Claire City-County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Committee to an information gathering session and discussion about forming a Medical Reserve Corps unit to serve Eau Claire County. Further discussion and review of after action reports from tabletop and functional exercises and hazard vulnerability analyses in Public Health Emergency Preparedness Committee meetings validated the need for a unit. 

A lot of groundwork has been done. The Claire County MC is federally approved and supported and listed on the national website. The Health Department sponsors the MRC, is supported by the City-County Public health Emergency Preparedness Committee, MRC Unit Advisory Committee, and County Emergency Management.

History of the National MRC Program

The national MRC program was created after President Bush's 2002 State of the Union Address, in which he asked all Americans to volunteer in support of their country. 

The need for trained supplemental medical, non-medical, and public health personnel to assist with emergency operations was highlighted after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Many medical and public health professionals sought to support emergency relief efforts, but there was no organized approach to channel their efforts. 

The MRC program was designed to provide the structure necessary to deploy their volunteers in response to an emergency, as it identifies specific, trained, credentialed personnel available and ready to respond to emergencies. 

Contact Our County MRC Volunteer Coordinator

MRC Volunteer Coordinator 

Paulette Magur, RN
Communicable Disease Division Manager

Eau Claire City-County Health Department
720 Second Ave
Eau Claire, WI  54703

(P) 715-839-4718
(F) 715-839-1674