Code Enforcement Information

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The City of Eau Claire has many written ordinances that are designed to maintain a healthy, safe and clean environment, carry out land use policy and preserve the quality-of-life standards that residents and businesses enjoy in our community.

There are many types of codes: Zoning Codes, Fire Codes, Uniform Building Codes, Housing maintenance codes, various health and safety codes. Code enforcement is a responsibility shared by many City departments. To be effective and efficient, code enforcement also needs the cooperation of residents and businesses.

Because there are so many codes—many involving complex technical or legal issues—residents frequently have questions about code enforcement and their role in keeping Eau Claire a great place to live and work. The following information will answer the most frequently asked questions about code enforcement in our community.

How are codes enforced?
How do I notify the City about a possible code violation?
What is the procedure for following up on possible code violations?
What penalties result from code violations?
 Specific Complaint Department/Agency Responsible  Phone 
Abandoned vehicles on public streets  Police Department  715-839-4972
Animal control - dogs running at large (daytime), licensing and vaccination of dogs, dead or injured animals  Animal Control  715-839-4972
Animal control - barking dogs, poisoning of animals, possession of fighting animals  Animal Control  715-839-4972
Animals - too many, unsanitary conditions  Animal Control  715-839-4972
Buildings - dangerous or substandard  Code Enforcement  715-839-4947
Fire hazard  Fire Inspections  715-839-4825
Fire - emergency  Fire (24 hours)  911
Furniture on porches/yards  Code Enforcement  715-839-4947 
Garbage - overflowing garbage cans and dumpsters   City-County Health Department  715-839-4718
Garbage cans at properties left out on the street longer than a day before or after collection day   City-County Health Department  715-839-4718
Graffiti - private property   Police Department  715-839-4972 
Graffiti - public property   Engineering  715-839-4934 
Hazardous Waste - residential/commercial/industrial

 City-County Health Department

 Fire Inspections



Home Inspectors (when permits are not needed)  
Housing code issues  City-County Health Department  715-839-4718 
Inoperable vehicles pared on private property  Code Enforcement   715-839-4947 
Noise disturbances  Police Department   715-839-4972 
Signs - Illegally posted  Code Enforcement  715-839-4947
Smoking in prohibited buildings  City-County Health Department  715-839-4718
Snow and ice on public sidewalks  Streets Division  715-839-4963 
Storm drains - illegal dumping  Engineering   715-839-4934 
Streets trees - trimming  Forestry Department  715-839-5039 
Vegetation blocking sidewalk, obstructing signs or obstructing vehicle sight lines  Streets Division  715-839-4963 
Vehicles - parked on unimproved surfaces  Police Department   715-839-4972
Vehicles illegally parked on public streets  Police Department   715-839-4972 
Weed abatement, long grass  Streets Division  715-839-4963
Zoning occupancy issues and questions  Community Development  715-839-4914

For more information on housing code issues/complaints, please visit