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A fence is a structure accessory to and customarily incidental to the principal use of a property. It is erected within a rear, side or front yard as a barrier, divider or enclosure. It must be constructed of materials manufactured for such purpose. Fences can be located up to the property line and do not require a building permit, but must comply with standards set forth in the zoning ordinance.

The height of a residential fence depends on its location relative to the house. The diagram below illustrates the maximum fence height for a residential application. Consult the Zoning Department at 715-839-4914 if your rear yard abuts a neighbor's front yard or if you have any questions.

Fence Pamphlet (pdf)

FenceAdditional Things to Remember about Fences:

  • The height requirements also apply to closely grown hedges in the vision triangle.
  • The "finished" surface of wood or screening fence shall be installed facing the exterior of the lot which is viewed by the neighbors.
  • Fencing requirements for commercial and industrial districts differ from those in residential districts. Consult the Zoning Department before you proceed.
  • Barb wire fences and electric fences are generally not permitted. Consult the Inspection Services Division before you proceed.
  • Contact Diggers Hotline before you start your fence project!