Temporary Garage Structures

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Recently there has been an increase in the use of "temporary garage structures". These structures are typically supported by poles, have a fabric roof and/or sides and are usually used to cover recreational equipment.

Temporary garage structures are a concern for several reasons, but mainly for wind uplift concerns as well as snow loading. These structures typically are not designed for the snow loading that can occur during the winter months. The weight created by a significant snowfall could cause the structure to collapse and damage the items stored underneath and may harm anyone trapped underneath. The other concern is the structures do not have resistance to high winds.

The City of Eau Claire building code 16.04.180, which adopts the State building code, does not permit these structures for use within the City.

There are further restrictions contained within the City zoning ordinance, which generally may prevent the use of these accessory structures.

For further information you may contact the Building Inspections office at (715) 839-4947.