When is a Permit Required?

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  • A building permit is needed for all new buildings, additions, or structural alterations to existing buildings; including accessory buildings and swimming pools.
  • A plumbing permit is needed if you are adding or moving a fixture.
  • A heating permit is needed if you are installing or replacing a furnace, wood burning stove, fireplace, central air conditioning unit or making alterations to the distribution or fuel supply system.
  • An electrical permit is needed for a new service, new wiring or rewiring.
As a general rule, a building permit is needed any time a building is:

  • erected
  • reconstructed
  • improved
  • enlarged
  • altered
  • converted
  • repaired
  • moved
  • demolished

Re-roofing and the installation of new siding do require a building permit. 

You do not need a building permit to construct a fence. However, you must comply with the standards established for fences.  View Fence Standards