Forestry is responsible for all trees on City boulevards (352 miles of city streets), as well as, all trees in city parks and on other city owned property. Forestry also oversees the City-wide Christmas Tree Recycling Program, as well as the in-City bow hunting program.

The goal of the Eau Claire Urban Forestry Program is to provide the residents of Eau Claire with all the physical and psychological benefits that are derived from an abundant, healthy and safe urban forest.

Management practices include:

  • Maximizing tree cover on both public & private property
  • Providing optimum stocking of boulevard areas while staying within budget limitations
  • Creating diversity of species composition
  • Creating diversity in the age structure
  • Maximizing the longevity of individual trees
  • Minimizing tree hazards
  • Improving the health and safety of the private portion of the urban forest through education, on-site advice, and by example, using only proper arboricultural techniques on public trees.

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