Deer Hunting in the City

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Hunting is a vital management tool that keeps urban deer populations in healthy balance with the habitat in which they live while helping to maintain the safety of people and protecting property.

The City of Eau Claire regularly surveys its deer population and recent totals indicate that deer populations are in excess of 50 per square mile in some areas.  A healthy urban deer herd is between 15 and 25 per square mile. Hunting

Can I Hunt in the City of Eau Claire?

Yes!  Archery hunting only is allowed on private property within the City limits.  

When Can I hunt in the City of Eau Claire?

The archery hunting season within the City limits is September 14, 2019 through January 31, 2020.

A Few Rules

  • Baiting and feeding deer is against State law and against City ordinance.
  • Hunters must follow all State of Wisconsin hunting laws, Wisconsin DNR hunting regulations and have a current and valid DNR license and tags.There are no additional permits or fees required as long as a hunter is more than 50-yards from a property owner’s home.
  • If a hunter is less than 50-yards from another property owner’s home, the hunter must get written permission from that property owner to use a bow and arrow.
  • No hunting is allowed on any public property in the City of Eau Claire.
  • If a wounded deer leaves a hunter’s property the hunter must get permission from surrounding property owner(s) to retrieve the deer.

Additional rules and information governing deer hunting in the City of Eau Claire can be found in Ordinance No. 7152 at this link

Are you a property owner, but not a bow hunter? 

 Or, are you a hunter looking for a place to hunt?

The Interested Hunters List contains contact information for bow and arrow hunters who are interested in hunting deer in the City of Eau Claire.  If you’re a property owner interested in having someone hunt on your property, use the contact information provided on the list.   

To be added to the list as an available hunter, email your contact information to Community Services at 

What if I find a dead deer in my yard?

Please contact the Community Services Department at (715) 839-4963 and the City will retrieve the deer if it’s on the boulevard.  If a deer dies in your yard, please place it on a plastic tarp and drag it to the boulevard for pickup. The City will not go on to your property to retrieve a deer.