Deer Hunting

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The City of Eau Claire continues to survey the deer population in Eau Claire. The inventory indicates urban deer populations are in excess of 100 deer per square mile in some areas.  A healthy urban deer herd is ideal at between 15 and 25 per square mile. One of the major causes of overpopulation is voluntary and involuntary feeding of deer within City limits. State law and City ordinance prohibit baiting and feeding deer.

Wisconsin State Law allows hunting opportunities on private property within the City limits. Hunters with a Wisconsin DNR license and tags may hunt on their private property within the City of Eau Claire with no additional permits or fees provided the hunter is more than 50 yards from a dwelling.  Visit the DNR website for further information:  Wisconsin DNR

If a hunter is less than 50 yards from another property owner's dwelling, the hunter must obtain written permission from that property owner to use or discharge an arrow or crossbow within 50 yards of the dwelling.

If a deer leaves the hunter's property the hunter must obtain prior permission from surrounding property owner(s) to retrieve that deer.


Important Links & Documents
City Ordinance
Deer Feeding Ban
Deer Management Plan
Wisconsin Legislature: Act 71

If you are a property owner that would like to allow someone to hunt on your land, attached is a list of interested local hunters: Interested Hunters List 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to post "No Hunting" signs on my property in order to keep hunters off?
A: No, property owners must give permission to anyone entering their property. Hunters may not hunt on someone else's property without property owner permission.

Q: I want to hunt on my property within the City of Eau Claire. What additional permits do I need?
A: None. Hunter's must comply with State hunting laws and be more than 50 yards from an occupied dwelling or have permission from that neighbor.

Q: I would like to hunt on someone else's property in Eau Claire. How can I let property owners know that I am available to hunt?
A: Contact the Community Services Department at (715) 839-4649 or by email ( and we will put your name on this website as a hunter that is available and interested in hunting in the City. Property owners may then contact you and work out permission to hunt on their property.

Q: Can I hunt on public property this season, such as the City Wells?
A: No. Hunting on public property is not allowed at this time, but may be explored for the future.

Q: What if I find a dead deer in my yard?
A: Please contact the Community Services Department at (715) 839-4963 and the City will retrieve the deer if the deer is accessible on the boulevard. If a deer dies in your yard, please place it on a plastic tarp and drag it to the boulevard for pickup. The City will not go on to your property to retrieve a deer.