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Time sheets should be completed on a bi-weekly basis (every two weeks) with your next timesheet due on May 25 for City employees and June 1 for Library staff.

Start by selecting your timesheet from the drop-downs, fill it out as you normally would and then submit to your department Representative. 

Step-by-step instructions for completing and submitting your timesheet can be found below:

General City Timesheet
Recreation (Temporary Employees)

Employee Instructions:

Completing the timesheet:

  1. Click on Enable Editing on the top of the screen:


     2. Fill in the following boxes:

  • Employee Number (can be found on self-service via a paystub)
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Department/Division

      3. Next fill in the following boxes (drop downs are provided for these and a guide is available to the right of the timesheet):    

  • Time Code
  • Shift Premium
  • Over Time
  • Direct Hours

    Note: Direct hours have a drop down for all of the departments. Once selected the program number will auto fill.

      4. Finally fill in the Project Number (if applicable) 

  • A list of some of the project numbers can be found to the right of the timesheet (this is not a complete list). If there is a project number that you use, not listed please include it on the timesheet.

      5. Fill in the Indirect hours codes and hours with the codes provided in the guide. There is a drop-down box when you click on the direct hours box. 

      6. No employee signature is required at this time. We will reach out for signatures at a later time.

      7. Once completed, please submit the timesheet to your representative (using your City email if possible):

If you are unable to complete the electronic timesheet. Please contact your representative and they will work with you to get one completed.

Representative Instructions:

  1. Please ensure that the timesheet is completely filled out including the Employee ID, codes and hours are indicated.
  2. Check off sheets will be emailed to the representative. Behind the check off sheet should be the timesheets in order based on that sheet.
  3. Once all of the timesheets are complete, please have the supervisors electronically sign the checkoff sheet. (one signature at the top of the group will be acceptable).
  4. Once signed, please send completed timesheets to

Please send all payroll related items to


Department related – Contact your representative

Spreadsheet Related –

Payroll Specific -