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Neighborhoods are the basic building blocks of the community, and their health and vitality are essential to the future of Eau Claire. Citizens organize neighborhood associations in order to address problems in their area and to look for ways to improve their neighborhood. What may seem impossible for one person alone to achieve, becomes much easier to accomplish when citizens and their neighbors band together with common goals.

A neighborhood association is a voluntary organization of residents and other stakeholders who work together to improve and maintain the quality of life in their neighborhood. In the late 1970's residents in five of Eau Claire's older neighborhoods organized the following associations:
  • Historic Randall Park
  • Mt. Washington
  • North River Fronts
  • North Side Hill
  • Third Ward
All of these associations, with the exception of Mt. Washington, were still active twenty years later.
In 1996 Eau Claire began experiencing a steady increase in the number of neighborhood associations. Residents on Runway Avenue formed an association in 1996. East Hill residents organized in 1997, followed by residents in the East Hamilton area in 1998. In 1999 residents in the Mt. Washington neighborhood re-established their association. Buffington area residents organized an association in early 2000. Most recently, Putnam Heights organized in 2015.

The City's Planning Division provides staff to work with neighborhood areas to help organize new associations and to assist existing associations with ongoing projects and activities. Individual neighborhood plans are adopted as elements of the City's Comprehensive Plan.  Plans can be found by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page. To find out whether you are currently residing in an organized neighborhood area or to learn more about how to organize an association for your neighborhood, refer to the links below, or contact Senior Planner Pat Ivory, AICP at 715-839-4914, e-mail

Third Ward Neighborhood Plan Update