Checklist for Effective meetings

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The focus of most neighborhood associations is bringing people together to solve common problems. Much of this work is done through meetings. Successful associations conduct effective meetings - meetings that both produce results in accomplishing important objectives, and are the result of individual citizens working well together as a group.

General Tips:

  • State ideas positively and show their relation to the overall issue.
  • Foster cooperation, not conflict.
  • Discuss decision items when most group members are present.
  • Present financial information with written copies for everyone present.
  • Keep information items brief and relevant.
  • Keep committee reports brief.
  • Conclude committee reports with a recommendation expressed in a clearly stated proposal.
  • Use visual aids.
  • Assign tasks and responsibilities as the meeting progresses, and record the assignments in the minutes.
  • Know the limits of the group's decision-making authority.
  • Encourage everyone to participate.
  • Don't over crowd the agenda with too many items.