Neighborhoods - Organizing Tips and Techniques

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Twenty Tips for Leaders
  1. Listen until you understand and can repeat a neighbor's point of view to their satisfaction before you share your own opinion.
  2. Express your ideas plainly and give clear messages.
  3. Build trust by being trustworthy and dependable with others.
  4. Encourage people to believe in themselves by helping them work with others to change their neighborhoods. 
  5. Learn 20 different ways to say thank you, and use them.
  6. Don't get discouraged too often or too long.
  7. Ask questions to get people to think, speak, and act for themselves.
  8. Be open to new ideas, especially those of others.
  9. Be self-disciplined, set written goals for yourself, and evaluate your progress. 
  10. Set reasonable limits on what you do--don't try to do everything for people, or you will never be able to help them do things for themselves.
  11. Act with courage--take risks, face criticism, and keep going when it's hard.
  12. Have a sense of humor.
  13. Ask others for help--recruit and delegate.
  14. Learn how to write an agenda and run a meeting. 
  15. Make sure you read the neighborhood association's newsletter. 
  16. Involve people in finding a solution to the problems they bring to you.
  17. Get involved in at least one "fun" event for your neighborhood every year.
  18. Learn the names of all the people on your block and where you live. 
  19. Recruit five new members to the association each year. 
  20. Learn how your association handles its funds.
(adapted from Si Kahn, Organizing: A Guide for Grassroots Leaders. Rev. Ed. 1991)