Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Can I park on my own lawn?

  • Does a crosswalk have to be marked?

  • How am I supposed to know all the parking regulations?

  • I am not from Eau Claire; how am I supposed to know the parking regulations?

  • I have parked here before and didn’t receive a ticket; why did I receive a ticket now?

  • I parked on the street prior to temporary “no parking” signs being placed for a special event. How can I be responsible for the ticket and/or tow bill that I received?

  • I sold my vehicle and did not remove the license plates, now I am receiving notice of parking tickets for that vehicle. What can I do?

  • What are the legal parking distances from crosswalks, driveways, fire hydrants, and other vehicles?

  • When is a posted private parking lot enforced?

  • Why did my vehicle receive a parking ticket but the vehicle behind or in front of mine did not?

  • Why did my vehicle receive a ticket when others did not?

  • Why isn’t the curb painted yellow if it is a “No Parking” area?