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Report a Crime Tip
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Apply for the Junior Police Academy
File an Online Crash Report
Ride Along Application
Have a Background Check Completed
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Submit a Business Keyholder Form
Have the PD Do a Presentation For My Organization
Tour the Law Enforcement Center
Request a Property/Evidence Return Appointment
Become a Certified Landlord
Dispose Medication
Dispose Ammunition
Register my bike

Questions and Answers Regarding Additional Police Services

How can I contest a traffic ticket?

In order to contest a traffic ticket, you must first enter a not-guilty plea at your initial court hearing. You will then be given a time and date to discuss the ticket with the City Attorneys at a pre-trial conference.

When are pre-trial conferences held?

Pre-trial conferences are held on Thursday mornings at the Police Department from 9:00AM-11:00AM.

Where do I pay or request an extension for traffic, ordinance, or criminal fines?

Payment arrangements for fines are done at the Clerk of Court office which is located on the second floor of the Eau Claire County Court House.