Frequently Asked Questions

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In 2014, what changes have been made to the private sidewalk snow removal procedures to better enforce Chapter 13.20 of the Code of City Ordinances?
How do you decide what streets are on the 87 miles of ice control routes?
Why don’t we plow and salt all the streets in the City, specifically secondary and residential streets?
When does the City plow residential streets – does it have to snow 3 inches or more?
What happens if we receive less than 3 inches of snow during a storm?
Does the City ever plow residential streets when less than 3 inches of snow falls?
Will the snow plow ever completely clear my residential street down to bare pavement?
What can I do about snow plows that block my driveway with snow?
Why is my street always plowed last?
Why do paths and bike trails get cleared of snow before many streets?
Why did the truck go by with the plow blade up?
Since the plow is already on my residential street sanding – why not just drop the blade and plow the street at the same time?
Whose responsibility is it to shovel out a fire hydrant or mailbox?
How do I report that a snow plow missed my street?

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