Resident Resources

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Sand For SidewalksSand for Slippery Sidewalks
Sand for slippery sidewalks can be picked up free
of charge at the Central Maintenance Facility,
911 Forest Street. The sand is kept outside of the gated area and can be picked up anytime at your convenience. Bring
your own container and a shovel. Each residence
is limited to a 5-gallon pail.

Snow Removal
Do you need help with snow removal from your
sidewalk or driveway? There may be local
resources available. Check with your local church,
Boy Scout office, United Way, or visit the
City's volunteer web page for help.

Mailbox DamageMailbox Damaged by Snowplow
Has your mailbox been damaged by a snowplow?
If a properly installed mailbox has been damaged
by a snowplow, a claim form with instructions
will be provided to you by the Street Division.
Upon verification of the claim, the reasonable cost of
replacement will be reimbursed. For further
information, you may call either
the Street Division at (715) 839-4963 or
Risk Management at (715) 839-4908.