Weed Control & Turf Maintenance

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The City Code, Chapter 8.28, entitled "Weeds, Yards, and Lawns" requires the publication of a notice in the official newspaper on or before May 15th of each year regarding the control of objectionable weeds and lawn maintenance. Each person who owns, occupies, or controls land in the City of Eau Claire is required to destroy all objectionable weeds on such property and the boulevard in front of, or along the property, before the plants mature to the bloom or flower stage. Any owner or occupant of any premises having a lawn is also required to cut and maintain it at a height not exceeding 7", as well as the boulevard in front of or along such premises. Failure to cut and maintain the grass may result in the City cutting the lawn and assessing the expense against the property, and may also subject the owner or occupant to forfeitures of $500 for each offense. It is also the responsibility of the property owners to trim trees, shrubs and bushes which grow over sidewalks or obstruct the vision of oncoming traffic.

Street Maintenance personnel administer and enforce the weed and long grass ordinance. Areas of non-compliance are cut and the property owners are billed. On an average, 165 notices to property owners are sent each year of which approximately 20 locations require action. Employees also maintain 132 City-owned properties and 229 road right-of-way areas.