Electric Vehicles

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Interested in Electric Vehicles and charging solutions? EVs can benefit you by producing low-to-no emissions, dollar savings over gasoline or diesel,  and lower overall operating expense.

Learn more about EVs and Plug-in Hybrids here. Browse and compare new cars at this site.

Both electric utilities within the city have EV programs depending on your provider. They offer cheaper charging at night and further useful information in making the decision to go electric.

Xcel Energy's Electric Vehicle Programs

Eau Claire Energy Cooperative's EV Programs

Eau Claire has a goal of 10% of all registered vehicles on local roads by 2030 to switch to EVs, or about 8,000. While most charging will be done at homes or fleet sites, to support this demand, 160 public and workplace charging sites will be needed, or about 1 per 50 EVs. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a station at 715-839-8488.

Find existing charging locations to plan your trip.