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1040 Forest Street Eau Claire, WI 54703

The Water Main Distribution System and Sanitary Sewer Collection System are in the Utilities Division of the Community Services Department. Their administrative offices, shop areas, and equipment storage areas are located at 1040 Forest Street. Employees working with both of these systems and at the water and wastewater treatment plants are under the supervision of the Utilities Manager.

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Lead Service Line Information - Act now!

Lead Service Line Information 

No amount of lead in drinking water is safe.  Our goal is to help remove all lead from the water system.  Lead enters drinking water from lead pipe materials and water fixtures.  According to the most recent data available, the City of Eau Claire estimates there are approximately 1,200 private property lead service lines (LSL) still in use.  

Lead in Drinking Water FAQs

Lead Service Line Reimbursement - Act now!

The City of Eau Claire Utilities Division is able to offer financial assistance to City residents for replacement of their private lead service lines through an agreement with the Department of Natural Resources, under the State of Wisconsin's Safe Drinking Water Loan Program. The City of Eau Claire Utilities Division will reimburse the homeowner for the actual cost of replacement up to a maximum of $2,000.  Funding dollars and time are limited; replace your lead service line now!  For further information, contact the Utility Division at 715-839-5045 or email LeadServiceLine@eauclairewi.gov.

Lead Service Line Replacement Program FAQs

How to Test Your Residential Water Service Line

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To learn more about lead service line replacement, or to confirm whether your water service line material is a lead service line, please contact the Utility Division at 715-839-5045 or email LeadServiceLine@eauclairewi.gov.

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Water, sewer, and stormwater management bills are rendered quarterly and become due and payable within 20 days. A late payment charge of 3% will be added to bills not paid within 20 days of issuance. Any unpaid balance on November 15 of each year will be placed on the tax roll and become a lien against the property.