State Street Project

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June 2019

Reconstruction of State Street began in June 2019 with the closing of Lexington Avenue to Fillmore Avenue. This was the first phase of the multi-phase project.

August 2019

Asphalt began being placed in August 2019.

September 2019

Lexington Avenue to Fillmore Avenue was opened in September 2019. Following this, the next phase of the project began with the closing of the Hamilton Avenue/State Street intersection for construction of the roundabout.

Work continued smoothly on the hill section of State Street and progressed north with the closure of Garfield Avenue in late September. Garfield Avenue at State Street was closed for approximately two weeks.

October 2019

Two portions of the project remained closed, which included the roundabout at Hamilton Avenue and the portion between Lexington Boulevard & McKinley Avenue. The roundabout at Hamilton Avenue was opened to traffic on October 25th.


The multi-phase project concluded with the last remaining portion between Lexington Boulevard & McKinley Avenue being opened to traffic on October 29th.


 Note: Tree plantings in Spring 2020 due to temperatures.

Who's talking about it?

2018, December Media & Press Articles

The City hosted State Street Walk Audits on two separate dates in October 2018; each audit had two locations that included UW-Eau Claire, Old Library Room 1128 (105 Garfield Street) & Fire Station No. 5 (2500 Patton Street). The audits were conducted to allow residents the opportunity to provide input, observations, and a vision of the corridor and to improve the safety and walkability for all users. 

Can I do a Walk Audit on my own time?

Yes. Using the State Street Walk Audit Checklist as your guide feel free to walk a route on your own. Then, simply email a copy of your completed checklist or write your comments to We value your feedback!

Route Maps

Fire Station No. 5 Hill Route (pdf)
Fire Station No. 5 Intersection Route (pdf)
UWEC Hill Route (pdf)
UWEC Intersection Route (pdf)

Walk Audits: What are they?

Walk audits are great tools in creating communities where residents can participate in making their vision of healthy, safe & walkable streets real. In a walk audit, community members go for a walk together, noting what makes their streets feel comfortable for walking and what’s missing.

Walk audits can vary in length and can be conducted by neighborhood associations, City staff, or other groups. Most often they are conducted in groups using checklists. The groups assess street infrastructure and conditions, documenting barriers, positive features, activities and perceptions of the walking environment.

Why have a walk audit?

A walkable community is a healthy, thriving place in which people of all ages and abilities can get where they need and want to go. Conducting a walk audit can be the start to having a positive change in our community and can lead to a more safe, accessible, and comfortable walking environment.