Haymarket Plaza

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Construction took place in 2018.

Design plans for Haymarket Plaza have continued throughout the winter months. City Staff held a work session for the City Council on February 14th, and the recommended design has been unveiled. The design evolved from feedback and suggestions shared with staff since the last Open House in October 2016. City Staff recently hosted a second Open House on February 23rd to present the design and receive feedback. The response to the design was very positive!

Additional stone pavers and hardscape surfaces have been added near the entrances of the Confluence Arts Center & Haymarket Landing building in the new design. The plaza has also been softened into a lower maintenance and "greener" feel upon approaching the confluence of the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers. Included in the plaza will be various locations for art, seating and viewing the rivers, and a large interactive feature with decorative lighting will create a center focal point. Linear fire sculptures have also been added to adorn the area adjacent to the Confluence Arts Center.

The plaza's overall concept was well received! Play the video below for a visual concept and click here to see the artists' renderings of the layout.


The focus will now be incorporating the final design of the features into the plaza. This will mean refining everything into the master plan from types of seating, fountain features, and lighting to art & sculptures, technology, and landscaping. The City welcomes your comments and feedback about the final features and encourages you to share them with us by emailing Haymarket_Plaza@eauclairewi.gov


What are the Next Steps for Haymarket Plaza?

  • Construction of the retaining wall in Summer and/or Fall 2017.
  • Construction of the plaza itself in Spring/Summer 2018.
  • The opening of the Haymarket Plaza is set to coincide with the opening of the new Confluence Arts Center.