Sidewalk Repair Program

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The City of Eau Claire's sidewalk repair program consists of the removal & replacement of damaged, unsafe concrete sidewalks and anything damaging to the sidewalk, such as trees or tree roots. Wisconsin Statutes 66.0907 is used for the repair & construction of sidewalks. 

Sidewalk Repair FAQs

How do I notify the City of a sidewalk repair concern?
How are property owners notified about potential sidewalk repairs?

The City contracts out the sidewalk repair work to a quality contractor, and the work completed by the contractor is then assessed to the property owner.

Can I fix the sidewalk?

Yes. Property owners have 20 days to decide once receiving the final resolution indicating the required repairs if they'd prefer that the City complete the repairs or if they'd like to complete the repairs or work with a contractor on their own.

The work  is completed by the City contractor unless special arrangements have been made with the Engineering Department.

Property owners choosing to complete the sidewalk repairs or work with a contractor on their own should:

Notify Engineering at 715-839-4934.

Contact the Survey Team in Engineering at 715-839-4934 for grade stakes if the repair is greater than 30 feet in length.