Half Moon Lake

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Fishing at Carson Park

Half Moon Lake is a 154.3-acre oxbow lake off the Chippewa River. It has an average depth of 6 feet, with a maximum depth of 13.8 feet. The lake is unique in that it is located within an urban environment and provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities for the entire community.  In addition, it provides a natural setting that is very scenic and relaxing as well as a tremendous natural resource and habitat for wildlife, plants and an excellent fishery. 

The lake was cut off from the Chippewa River prior to the 1800s and is now dependent on water from rainfall, storm water runoff and pumping of water from wells near the Chippewa River in order to maintain its current level. The lake’s watershed is approximately 577 acres in size and approximately 85% of the shoreline is owned by the City.  Several parks and greenways are located along the shoreline including: Carson Park, Rod and Gun Park, Bayview Park, and Half Moon Beach.

The City of Eau Claire has been very proactive in working to improve the water quality of the lake over the years.  A report summarizing previous and proposed lake management efforts can be reviewed by selecting the link below.

Reports on Half Moon Lake Water Quality Improvements 

Half Moon Lake    Half Moon Lake