Wedding Instructions

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Rod & Gun WeddingWedding Instructions
For information on the following items, please see our Rules & Regulations Page
  • Event organizers must use appropriate decorations and products to assure no damage will be made to the structure(s) or surfaces. 
  • Use of tape, nails or other adhesives is prohibited. Tying up decorations is allowed.

User is responsible for making sure vendors protect the ground surfaces and hauls away all waste from food preparation (i.e. grease, oil, food remnants, etc.)


  • The use of amplified sound is primarily allowed in Carson Park as it has the electrical service for large bands. 
  • Amplified sound in other parks is limited by the availability of electrical supply and proximity to neighborhoods.
  • Typically, amplified sound should end by sunset.

The City has a noise ordinance. Noise should not unreasonably disturb the peace and quiet of persons in the vicinity. (City Code ss.9.56.070 or 9.56.075) Violations are investigated by the Police Department. If an event is in violation, the organizer may be issued a citation or the event may be shut down.

  • The reservation for a wedding in a park only reserves the area described. It does not reserve the whole park. 
  • The Parks & Recreation Division reserves the right to schedule other activities or events in the park. Every effort will be made by the division to avoid any conflict between two groups with regard to noise, parking, and/or use of facilities.
  • The Parks & Recreation Division cannot be responsible for the general public use of the park at the time of the wedding. The wedding party does not have the right to request general park users to leave the park, unless in the reserved area.
  • The wedding party is responsible for leaving the park area in as good, or better condition, than when they arrive.
  • Many of these facilities accommodate various activities. Please consider size accommodations when choosing a facility to reserve for your event.